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What is Talent Cloud?

Talent Cloud is the subscription service that grants you access for a pool of unlimited talents. Here you can access  any talent of your choice for a fixed monthly fee to outsource all your remote projects and even more for no extra cost.

They come from outer space!

Unlimited talents? How?

Demand dictates: One of the beauties of our service is that we collect upfront payment. This puts us to a position where we've got all what it takes to find the talent with the right skills to do any remote job on the planet.
Most talents love working through our Talent Cloud because they don't have to deal with offers, contracts or negotiations.

We've got you covered!

Who selects the right talent for the job?

It's simple, you do. Here's how it goes: You subscribe and you tell us the kind of talent you need for your next project. Then we will find someone qualified for the task and if you like, you can give them a try.
If you're not happy with your selected talent, at any time, you just let us know and we find you another one for free... or well, without any extra cost.

service overview

Outsourcing as you know it is out the door...

Outsourcing as you want it just arrived!
Fixed cost, instant start
No hidden fees, tricky contracts or negotiations.
You pay today, your talent starts tomorrow.
Unlimited requests
Subscribe to a talent and give them as many tasks as you'd like.
Full control
In every 48 hours during working days you'll have a chance to either ask for changes or shift focus to new tasks.
You keep all the rights
You don't even have to ask for it. When your talent creates anything to you using our service, you are contracted to keep all the rights.
What makes it unique?

Talent Cloud vs Hiring vs Contracted Work

More Affordable

Compared to Hiring a Professional
Might not always look like it at first, but all the costs that are involved with employing a professional would make our option  more affordable. When there's a fix upfront payment you don't have to worry about costs like sick pay, national insurance or additional taxes.

Lower Risk

Compared to Hiring or Contracting a Professional
That's right. Your risks are minimised when using our Talent Cloud. You are not only free from risks like employment laws, sick or annual leave, but you are also allowed to change your mind about the chosen talent at any point without previous notice.

Much More Flexible

Compared to Contracted Professional
Nothing is set in stone and it shouldn't have to be. When you choose to work with a talent using our Talent Cloud you don't have to pre-define your projects, goals or even tasks anymore. You are free to change focus at any given time without explanation.

Much Less Hustle

Compared to Contracted Professional
No more long-term contracts, sales pitches, quotations or endless flow of emails about why you should chose to work with someone you're not sure about. Our talents are always ready to work and they also hate to convince others about their values just to get some work in.

Questions that pop up a lot

How do you select the right talent for my needs?

At first we talk to you to find out what skills you are after in your next talent which happens right after your subscription. Then we will go out and pitch your requirements to the talents in our insider group to find out if any of them have the skills and availability. If there's no one with the right skills we then use our world-wide connections to find your next talent asap.

What types of tasks can I assign to my chosen talent?

In short: anything they can handle. You, in theory can also give them tasks they're not qualified for, but you have to prepare for a slow process and a weird version of Mona Lisa when you ask a coder to draw you one by hand.

How do you ensure the quality of the talents?

We have a 3 step method to make sure we only offer talents who you can work with:
1 - We personally interview each talent to see if their communication is up for the standard
2 - We carefully inspect all their references and testimonials
3 - We test them on our market to see if our clients are happy with them

Is there a limit to the number of tasks I can submit?

No, it is absolutely unlimited. You can have as much as you'd like. Just bare in mind that there's one person working for you per subscription at-a-time, so they can't deal with multiple tasks at the same time. That is why we have the "one active task at-a-time" rule outlined in our terms.

What happens if you don't find my required talent immediately?

The main reason we offer 30-day subscription instead of a month-by-month one is to secure your investment. If the talent search last longer than expected that'd delay the end date of your subscription by an equal amount. So you only pay for the time that our talents spend with your projects.

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